1. Saas & B2B Blogs We Read At Hipmob

    As we’re new to Saas, we run into many questions that we are first timers at answering. We’ve solved some of this with good mentors and advisors, on the founding process in general and on Saas stuff in particular. Folks like Michael Wolfe and Russ Fradin who’ve successfully started B2B companies before have been pivotal.

    Along the way I’ve found myself returning regularly to a couple of blogs that, for different reasons, provide really good, tactical advice on things that Saas founders face every day. They don’t always agree, but I find that they are often able to articulate arguments for/against different options we’re considering, better than I am.

    Inside Intercom - by the Intercom.io team - Intercom is an analytics/messaging tool. The team writes good, long form, well thought out pieces, usually backed by data, and a lot of stuff on product design and strategy. I think they do a really good job coming up with a philosophical approach to something, and finding data or customer stories to back it up. Favorite Post: The Dribbblisation Of Design

    The Groove Blog - by GrooveHQ - The Groove team makes a helpdesk, and they’ve taken to telling their story on their blog; as a way to market their company and product and to share their lessons with the startup community. Their posts are typically rich in tactics and results - really useful if you’re a startup founder or Saas business using content marketing as a growth strategy. Favorite Post: Results Of The 2013 Saas Small Business Survey

    Open - by Buffer - The Buffer team makes a social media automation tool. On their main blog, they write a lot about social media strategy (it’s worth checking out). On Open, they take transparency to an extreme - with great success. As you can imagine there’s always great thirst for the goings-on inside a company (which are typically secret), and Joel/Leo and the rest of the team openly share metrics, revenues, and even employee salaries. Favorite Post: Introducing Open Salaries At Buffer

    Saas Strategy - by Jason Lemkin, founder @ EchoSign - Jason writes frequently with very good high level/strategic thoughts about Saas. If you ever have questions about selling products to large enterprises, scaling a Saas product, sales cycles, or fundraising, Jason brings the perspective of a founder with 2 exits, whose still in the mix day-to-day. One added benefit - he’s relatively quick to answer if you post Saas related questions on Quora. Favorite Post: Your Mini-Brand Will Come To The Rescue

    Kalzumeus - by Patrick MacKenzie or patio11 - Patrick Mackenzie (or patio11 as he’s known on HN) writes long form posts on lifecycle/email marketing, using his own experience build webapps/Saas apps as examples. Often discusses really unglamorous topics - for example, he’s where I learned about writing Dunning emails (how to deal with customers whose credit cards bounce or otherwise don’t pay), and he had already thought through a LOT of the nuance; when to send things, how to word emails, how to demonstrate empathy and so on. It’s like a massive A/B test of your business and he helps you jump straight to the results. Favorite Post: Rainy Day Ideas For Things You Can Build To Grow Your Business

    These are just some of the ones I return to regularly - hope they help. If you have some that you really enjoy - please share. (ayo@hipmob.com)