1. Introducing Chat Analytics from Hipmob

    For the hardcore data nerds out there, we’ve long had the ability for your chat data to feed into Google Analytics or Mixpanel in real time. This way, you can view your support or sales chat data in the context of your entire business.

    Go here if you use Mixpanel

    Check this out if you use Google Analytics.

    In case you’re new here - we help you provide killer support to your mobile and website users, and to increase your sales. Check us out here

    For everyone else, we just released an analytics summary you can view at a glance to figure out how you’re doing. You’ll get the summary once a week, and it covers:

    1. Total: Total visitors to your site (for website chat) or your support area (for mobile and tablet apps)
    2. Conversations: How many of those visitors started a conversation
    3. Growth: The rate at which your total visitors or your number of conversations grew or fell relative to the last week.
    4. Missed Conversations: How many visitors you actually responded to, relative to how many customers asked a question
    5. Performance: how quickly your team answered.

    Hopefully this should give you actionable data on where and how to improve your performance. Below is a sample of what an analytics email looks like, and a breakdown of all the parts:


    As always, we’re committed to improving so we’d love your feedback on how to make this better - at ayo@hipmob.com.

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